Entertainment Technology

Mike Wood Consulting LLC provides consulting support to companies within the entertainment industry on technology strategy, R&D, standards and Intellectual Property.

Entertainment technology is taking a significant leap in complexity. After many years of slow, incremental, improvements we are now seeing disruptive technologies emerging with all that that implies, good and bad. The influx of video into the lighting arena and the resulting blurring of the boundaries between the two disciplines means change is coming, whether we want it or not. Simultaneously we are seeing the first major change in light source technology for over 50 years with LEDs finally showing signs of reaching their potential. A change of technology also inevitably means that knowledge of Intellectual Property and how best to use it is key. Control and access to technologies becomes of prime importance. Seeking the latest technology isn't right for everyone of course. Equally important are the decisions on which technologies are appropriate for a specific product. The newest is not always the best...

Mike Wood Consulting provides support and assistance at every stage of the product development process. Input marketing: making sure the specification is correct and that you are developing a product your customers actually need. Selection of the right technology: the best isn't always the most expensive. Managing the development process: a final product that meets the specification. Finally we can assist with both protecting your own Intellectual Property and helping your awareness of the IP owned by others.


The Winspear Opera House Chandelier
Illuminated rods, drive electronics, data distribution, programming & control
by Mike Wood Consulting and Ingham Designs LLC. Hoists, structural support,
rigging and suspension by J.R.Clancy.


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New Addition to Patent Database

The patent database now includes a link to the World Patent Family data as included on the European Patent office website. This allows you to check on the Worldwide equivalents for any US patent in the database.