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Patent: 7132804

Data Delivery Track

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Patent Number: 7132804 
Title: Data Delivery Track 
Abstract: Track lighting methods and apparatus. In various examples, power and data are provided to a plurality of lighting fixtures via at least one pair of essentially rigid electrically conductive tracks that are mechanically coupled to an essentially rigid linear or curvilinear-shaped housing. The plurality of lighting fixtures includes at least one LED-based lighting fixture mechanically coupled to the housing, electrically coupled to the at least one pair of electrically conductive tracks, and configured to be responsive to the data.  
Country of Issue: US 
First Named Inventor: Lys, Mueller 
Assignee: Color Kinetics 
Continuation or Divisional of: 6720745 
International Classification: G05F 1/00 
US Classification: 315/292 
Issue Date: 11-07-2006 
Filing Date: 10-30-2003 
Application : 10/698019 
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