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Patent: 7132785

Illumination System Housing Multiple LEDs and Provided With Corresponding Conversion Material

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Patent Number: 7132785 
Title: Illumination System Housing Multiple LEDs and Provided With Corresponding Conversion Material 
Abstract: An illumination system according to the principles of the invention may include a first LED and a carrier material. The carrier material may be comprised of plastic, synthetic material, polymer, latex, rubber or other material. The carrier material may also contain a phosphor, fluorescent material, organic fluorescent material, inorganic fluorescent material, impregnated phosphor, phosphor particles, phosphor material, YAG:Ce phosphor, or other material for converting electromagnetic radiation into illumination or visible light.  
Country of Issue: US 
First Named Inventor: Ducharme 
Assignee: Color Kinetics 
Continuation or Divisional of: 7014336 
International Classification: H00J 63/04 
US Classification: 313/501 
Issue Date: 11-07-2006 
Filing Date: 09-07-2004 
Application : 10/935329 
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