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Patent: 7014336

Systems and Methods for Generating and Modulating Illumination Conditions

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Patent Number: 7014336 
Title: Systems and Methods for Generating and Modulating Illumination Conditions 
Abstract: The present invention relates to systems and methods for generating and/or modulating illumination conditions to generate high-quality light of a desired and controllable color, for creating lighting fixtures for producing light in desirable and reproducible colors, and for modifying the color temperature or color shade of light within a prespecified range after a lighting fixture is constructed. In one embodiment, LED lighting units capable of generating light of a range of colors are used to provide light or supplement ambient light to afford lighting conditions suitable for a wide range of applications.  
Country of Issue: US 
First Named Inventor: Ducharme, Mlorgan, Lys, Dowling, Mueller 
Assignee: Color Kinetics 
Continuation or Divisional of:  
International Classification: F21V 9/10 
US Classification: 362/231 
Issue Date: 03-21-2006 
Filing Date: 11-20-2000 
Application : 09/716819 
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