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Patent: 6720745

Data Delivery Track

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Patent Number: 6720745 
Title: Data Delivery Track 
Abstract: Provided herein may be methods and systems for delivering data, which may include a track having a plurality of conducting wires, a housing for the track, a driver, for delivering data to the track, the driver capable of controlling a transition signal between a state representing a logical one and a state representing a logical zero, and a plurality of devices disposed on the housing and connected to the track, the devices being compatible with the RS-485 standard, wherein the devices include an LED system designed to be controlled by a processor.  
Country of Issue: US 
First Named Inventor: Lys, Mueller 
Assignee: Color Kinetics 
Continuation or Divisional of: 6016038 
International Classification: H05B 37/02 
US Classification: 315/312 
Issue Date: 04-13-2004 
Filing Date: 12-17-1998 
Application : 09/213540 
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